Worker of wood

My name is Jarrad Belton. I am a passionate furniture maker working from a small workshop in rural West Sussex.


I pride myself on using solid, sustainable timber. No plywood or veneers. Each piece I hand craft with a conscious focus on hand tool usage and locally sourced timber from sustainable forests.


A few favourite pieces

From statement piece sculptures to large dining tables, having a passion for what I do, I pour my heart and soul into each individual piece I bring to life. Featured here are a few of my favourite things I've made.

Organised Chaos Clock

Sporadic lattice of walnut creating an interesting piece of functional wall art. Each angled cut is made by hand.


Rippled Ash End Table

This piece emulates the architecture of sea defenses as well as the sea itself. The two rippled ash boards that hold wave patterns in their grain rest gently on a solid structure of stained oak. 

Bee Box

This bespoke bee home can hold a small nest of honeybees or other solitary bee species. Finished with natural vegetable oil in order to not disrupt the insects, this box allows an important place for our bees to shelter. 



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